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Last Updated 03/20/19

Great selection of live plants in-stock!

SR Aquaristic Co2 Regulator w/bubble counter!

Now in stock Qanvee Sponge Filter
QS100A & QS200A!

Tissue Culture Plants (Disease & Snail free)

Tissue Culture Grown in-store

Rotala rotundifolia, Bacopa,
Staurogyne repens, Anubia varigated,
Limnophila hippuroides,

Tissue Culture Cups

Cryptocoryne Tropica,Alternanthera Rosanervig,
Hydrocotyle Tripartita,


Potted Nancon LG, Potted Barteri LG,
Coffeefolia lg, Potted Petite nana, Potted Nana,
Mother Potted Barteri, Nana Lg, White Nana,
Mother Potted Heterophyllia


Potted Red Mini, Potted Godzilla, Green Wavy,

Bulb Plants

Ulvaceus, Boivinianus, Capuronii


Assorted, Potted undulata, Potted Bronze wendtii,
Potted Green wendtii, Pontederiifolia, Spiralis,
Potted Spiralis


Moss Balls md & Xs, ,Monte Carlo
Anubia nana petite, Dwarf sagittaria,
Subwassertang fern, Java Moss, Christmas moss,
Potted Narrow Leaf Micro sword,


Stem Plants

Rotala Indica, Green Cabomba,
Alternanthera rosanervig,
Rotala H'RA,
Najas indica, Rotala wallichi, Wisteria, Ambulia,
Moneywort, Bacopa Monniera variegated,
Ludwigia Crystal, Ludwigia Repens,
Rotala Macranda Mini, Rotala Rotundifolia Red,

Sword Plants

Amazon, Red rubin potted, Red Rubin Lg.


Jungle, Italian, Torta


Fluval 3.0 Plant LED lights!

Zetlight UFO lights

Finnex Planted Plus and 7000K Ray2 Lights!
Available in 12" to 48"

Finnex 24/7 Planted plus CC
Available 24" to 48"



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