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Ocean Design Aquarium
7542 W. Addison St.
Chicago, IL. 60634
773-625-3474 ph.
773-625-3477 fax

Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm
Closed Thursday
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm


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Great selection of live plants in-stock!

Maco Aqua 1L & 2L Co2 systems!

Tissue Culture Plants (Disease & Snail free)

Alternanthera reinecki 'Purple'
Cryptocryne beckettii


Eleocharis 'Dwarf Hairgrass'
Cryptocoryne pygmaea
Cryptocoryne nevelli
Staurogyne Repens

Also a nice selection of bunch plants,
Anubias, Crypts, Swords and more!!!

Rotala Indica, Ambulia, Bacopa Australis,
Green Cabomba, Purple Cabomba, Wisteria,

Super Nice Lg Coffeefolia, Barteri & Nana Anubias

Lg Banana plants, Java Fern 1/2 mats
Lg Amazon Swords!

Finnex Planted Plus and 7000K Ray2 Lights!
Available in 12" to 48"



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