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Freshwater Fish
Last updated 06/06/18

T/R means Tank Raised!

African Cichlids

Six Stripe Frontosa, Red Zebra, Red Empress,
OB Peacocks, Deepwater Haps, Electric Blue Haps,
Jacobfreibergi Peacocks,Yellow Labs, Blue Dolphins,
Red Blotched Zebra, Hap Fenestratus, Electric Blue
Johanni, White Top Gallireya,


Marble sm, Platinum sm &md,
Assorted Lg, Leopoldi F1 sm,
Marble md, Md/Lg Black Veil,
Lg. Koi, Md/ Lg Marble Veil


Gold Tiger, Green Tiger, Rhombo,
Jae, Dwarf Clown Barb, Deninsonii,


Half Moon, Double tail Half Moon, Rosetail,
Long fin Koi, Koi, Super Delta


Panda Garra, Burma Border Loach,
Clown Loach md. & Small, Reticulated Hillstream,
Crimson Loach,Laos Pygmy Multistripe,
Columbian Tiger Botia, Dwarf Chain Loach,

Cory Catfish

Sterbai T/R, Reticulated Julli, Hasbrosus, pygmaceus,
Salt & Pepper, Panda T/R,


Synodontis Petracola,


King Kong Parrots, Electric Blue Acara,
Rainbow, Keyhole,Lf German Blue Ram,
Red Tiger Severum, gymnogeophagus yerbalito,
Yellow/Gold Convict, Red Head Severum,
Red Spotted Severum,


Burmese Goldring "tinwini", Celestial Pearl,

Dwarf Cichlids

Gold Face Electric Blue Ram, LF German Blue Ram,
Neolamprologus caudopunctatus, Neo multifaciatus,


Snow White, Yellow White, Red Cover, Blue Cobalt,
Marlboro Red, Blue Diamond, Tiger Turquoise

Farlowella/Plecostemus/Algae eaters

Red Lizard Farlowella,
Ottocinclus, Siamese algae eater, Panda Garra,
Spotted Bristlenose, Green Phantom,
Bristlenose, Snowball L201, Small Spot T/R,
Vampire L240, Sultans L264, Red Fin Black Spot,

Rio Tocanyins ancistris L180, Super Red ancistris,
Blue Seam ancistris, Albino Bristlenose,

Glo Fish

All Colors Tetras


Cobalt Blue Stiphodon, Peacock Gudgeon,
Empire Gudgeon


Pearl, Valiant Chocolate, Paradise Licorice


Magenta Blue Endler pairs, Pink Panther Endler,
Panda Guppy, Rummy nose Gupyy,
Sunburst Platy, Red Wag Platy, Liberty Molly,
Red Velvet Swords, Blue Moscow, Green Moscow,
Alibino Red Swords, Red Tequila Male Guppy,
Sunrise Tequila Male Guppy, Yellow Tequila Male Guppy
Green Sword (wild strain)


Dwarf frogs, African Butterfly, Pea Puffer,
South American Puffer, Scarlet badis,
Black Tiger Badis, Leopard Ctnepoma,
Black Ghost T/R, Clouded Freshwater
Archer T/R


Red Arc



Kangaroo, Red Fin Dwarf, Boesmani,
Red Laser, Millenium, Turquoise, Yellow, Celebes


Chili (brigittae), ,Neon Blue, Redtail,Emerald Eye,
Neon Green (kubotai), Harlequin,
Somphong T/R, Scissortail,


Bala, Red Fin Silver, Roseline

Shrimp & Crabs

Panda, Amano, Flower, Blue Tiger, Super Red Cherry,
Orange Sakura, Sulawesi Cardinal T/R,
Blue Saphire, Black, Red Rili,Blue BoltYellow Gold Back,
Pinto Spotted Black,Pinto Spotted Black Cape
Orange Rili
, Vampire


Asassin, Olive Nerite, Zebra Nerite, Red Racer Nerite,


Rummy Nose, Red Ember, Green Neon,
Silver Hatchet, Marble Hatchet,
Congo, Banded Silver Dollars, Gold Pristella,
Ruby, Neon, Red Serpae, Cardinal,
Neolebias ansorgi, Neon, Green Fire,
Ceratobranchia obtusirostris (New Species),
Lampeye Congo (Phenacogrammus auranitacus,






planted aquarium 2

,h Pygmaeus,